Encouraging Your Kids To Take An Interest In Art | motiondesigners.info

Art can open kids’ minds up to creative thought, and helps them to look at the world in different ways. Moreover, an interest in art shows a healthy love for culture, and can become a hugely beneficial hobby for any child when they are young, and as they get older. Sometimes, however, kids need a little push. If you want to encourage your kids to take more of an interest in art, consider these tips:1. Include art in the homeIncluding art in the home is a great way to expose your children to different forms of art from a young age. Kids that grow up in ‘arty’ homes will generally develop an interest in art, and will subsequently continue to relate to it as they get older. Including paintings, sculptures, and photography in your property will have the added effect of making it more unique, and giving it a more distinctive style.2. Take your kids to exhibitionsTo back up the art that you have in your home, take your kids along to see exhibitions at galleries and museums. If your kid develops a particular interest in one form of art, such as watercolour painting, or even a specific artist, like Monet, taking them to see some original works of this kind will serve to further enforce their interest. Remember to cater to your kids age and preferences, and to actually encourage their interest, rather than stem it: which can happen if you are overbearing or too ‘pushy’.3. Use art television programmes and booksArt TV programmes that are geared towards children can make art seem interesting, fun, and enjoyable. Again, finding the right programmes is important, and you can’t force your kids to watch them. Programmes like Art Attack make for fun viewing, and others that are geared towards young kids are best. As they get older, more serious, and educational, programmes can work as well. Moreover, using books, particularly those that offer ‘step by step’ or ‘paint by numbers’ instructions can help children relate to the art. Again, as they age, using books that educate, but do so in a child-friendly way, can help to expose your kids to famous arists from across history.4. Take part in art with themBeing creative with your kids is a great way to build their interest, and bond at the same time. Get together some drawing and painting materials, and set aside some time each week for artistic creation. When children see the fruits of their labour, and are praised for it, they will be hugely encouraged to start other projects.5. Always encourage individualityIt is important for you to constantly encourage your kids to experiment as much as they wish, to make a mess, and to be spontaneous and individual. When they find a type of art they enjoy, encourage them to keep creating new works, and start displaying their efforts around the house.